II Timothy 2:15


Pastor -  Frank Redman

Pastor – Frank Redman

Pastor Frank Redman


I was saved while serving in the Air Force in Sembach, Germany. In 1970, I had a desire to preach the gospel. My wife and I were married in December of 1970. I am so thankful for a wife that has supported me in the ministry all of these years.
I started pastoring Clear Springs Bible Church twenty-eight years ago. We are blessed to have saints in our church that will take a stand on the King James Bible. Also, we rightly divide the Bible into three time periods: Time Past, But Now, and Ages to Come according to Ephesians 2. According to 1 Timothy 3:15, a local church should be the pillar and ground of the truth. I’m thankful that our church takes a stand for the truth.

Sunday School - 10:00am
Sunday Church Service - 11:00am